Welcome to High School

Dear BBS Family, 
Welcome back to Al-Bayan Bilingual School! We are starting the 2020-2021 school year in a most unusual way. The shift into E-Learning last spring taught us many things, but most importantly it has emphasized the value and joy of face to face relationships.  This is what we miss the most and we are looking forward with eager anticipation the resumption of on campus classes sometime in the near future, inshallah. The beginning of the school year is always busy and this year especially.  We have an excellent faculty and support staff who have worked very hard to prepare for virtual learning.  
In spite of being in a virtual environment, we are planning an exciting year filled with many opportunities for teachers, students, and parents to work together to continue to help us grow as a school community. We will be continuing our progress towards adopting a Standards Based Learning framework, focusing on providing effective feedback, and continuously striving to expand our communication and build better relationships.  
As a school, we are striving to provide opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to be actively involved in our community.  Our aim is to collaborate together to achieve our goals. We will be reaching out to our community for your input on everything from creating physical spaces that are welcoming, comfortable, and functional for students and teachers, gathering your input on school policies and procedures, helping us organize events and opportunities to celebrate our students, and maximizing opportunities from our community to help us design rich learning experiences. Please reach out to us with your ideas and support!
I would like to emphasize that the school administration and teachers are here to work with families to create success for each and every student; ultimately, we all want the same for your children: to provide a caring atmosphere where students can grow and develop the skills necessary for the next, important, step of their lives. 
Working together makes a difference for our entire community.  Working together through adversity helps up appreciate the unique perspectives and strengths each member of our community possesses.  I truly look forward to working with all of the wonderful students, parents, faculty, staff, and members of the community to make this year a success.



Ms. Laura Divine

M.Ed. Secondary Education

High School Principal



Dear Al Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) community,

It is with great pleasure to be welcoming you and serving you in the 2020-2021 school year! 
I hope all of you have spent valuable time with family and friends, and staying safe! 
Yes, there is a pandemic (Covid-19)... Yes it’s challenging... But we can prevail...Together!
Challenges bring about excitement, opportunities and pathways of life skills and personal achievement. Let’s work together, and set our goals to be active, support ourselves, and each other as one community to reach outcomes of excellence every day.  
As we all continue our journey into 21st century education and the challenges of the current pandemic (Covid-19), the BBS High School team is dedicated to providing our students with a well-rounded virtual educational experience.  While the core curriculum is provided for all students, we believe it is very important for students to engage themselves in virtual learning, explore opportunities and research technologies, which will only strengthen their global digital citizenship.
I would like to further emphasize on the importance of the tribes process during our virtual learning period (Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Right to Pass, and Appreciation)  we have here at BBS. It’s a great process which supports community building especially in these particular times where supporting each other is very important. 
Our High School administration team will work closely with our students to set goals and achieve them, listen to ideas and support their application successfully, allowing us to contribute to student’s self-growth, self-confidence and student self-reflection of success. 
I wish our BBS students the best of success in the 2020-2021 school year!

Manaad Safrani

High School Assistant Principal