Welcome from the Director


On behalf of the leadership on campus, I wish to extend a sincere welcome to all our students, their parents, and families as well as the teachers and support staff who make up the Al-Bayan family. The 2017-18 school year brings about great challenges and great victories for all.

The past year has taught many a lesson to our community. I am both fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to be part of this amazingly vibrant learning community. I still believe that the way forward is intertwined with the genuineness and sincerity of our combined efforts at guiding each student to reach their potential. This will allow them to thrive by being themselves and willingly giving their best as they prepare for a future that will reward those who intrinsically do the right thing for the right reason, at the right time.

Kuwait is my new home for the next phase of my learning journey; I continue to look forward to the experiences and life-changing opportunities that will present themselves along the way. I had the privilege of furthering my understanding of the Reggio Emilia perspective on curriculum for nursery and pre-school during the last year, and look forward to the implementation of this learning in our context over the next few years.

I do believe that my experience and qualification profile over the last 39 years reflects my passion for learning made accessible to all, students, teachers, and parents. The richness of the learning opportunities that we offer at Al-Bayan will be enhanced as we work together on enriching, refining and streamlining the programs already in place at our campus. Our focus for the year is to grow in our service delivery to our students in an inclusive, technologically advanced learning environment, using our new strategic plan. We will continue utilizing the cumulative data and reflections from last year to grow.

I invite the BBS community members to hold true to our Tribes Community agreements of Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, the Right to Pass, think before responding, and Appreciation. Together we can and will make a difference in the community, the city, the country, the continent and the world.

Gustav J Gropp


I warmly welcome members of our learning community and BBS family, staff, students and parents to 2018- 2019 school year.

We begin this year with high expectations from our staff and students. I trust that it will be an extraordinary year of collaboration and commitment! With our Inclusion program, we will ensure that every student's needs are met while we are preparing them for the future by enhancing their skills to lead "sustainable change and progress in Kuwait and the global environment.” as our school mission states. Instruction continues to be provided by our dedicated teachers in a safe, fair and nurturing environment, based on the Tribes Agreements of mutual respect, attentive listening, right to pass/participate and appreciation/ no put-downs. Tribes Agreements support the students academically and personally to ensure optimum success for all.

I am proud to be a member of Al Bayan Bilingual School which I consider to be my second home; where I have spent more than 20 years serving our community. I hope that this year will be an abundant addition to these past years that will see the unfolding of great achievements as we embark on our new journey together. 

Together we will make a difference. 

Maha Z. Kaddoura
Deputy Director