Kuwaiti Mentorship Program

The goal of Al-Bayan Bilingual School’s Kuwaiti Mentorship Program is to offer high achieving, motivated Kuwaiti individuals, with bachelor’s degrees in subjects transferable to K-12 education, the opportunity to experience working in the education field as a teacher and have a hand in educating Kuwait’s future workforce. This program is tailored to the mentee’s educational background and competencies. The program matches a mentee with an appropriate mentor who will guide him or her gradually from actively observing classroom lessons to planning and finally to teaching in collaboration with the mentor. The mentee will also be involved in general school activities such as faculty meetings, professional development days, after-school activities and school events. At the end of the program, the mentee should have the skill set necessary to enter the teaching workforce.

  • Application deadlines: Applicants are accepted any time between August 15th and June 20th of a school year. Applications received between March 1st and June 20th will be considered for the following school year.
  • Duration: this is a full time position that ranges between 3-9 months in length depending upon the experience of the mentee.
  • Program structure: The program is divided into 3 month segments with an evaluation at the end of each segment. The result of each evaluation determines whether the applicant will continue to the next stage.
  • Compensation: Salary is equivalent to a monthly base plus Kuwaiti Social Allowance.

To apply, please send your resume to bbsadmin@bbs.edu.kw.