Welcome to Preschool

Welcome to Al-Bayan Bilingual Preschool where we believe that each school day brings endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.  
By MOE decree, teaching and learning at BBS Preschool will be conducted online for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. The PS E-Learning program has been designed using best practices applied by private schools around the globe to effectively reflect our students’ experience as if they were physically on campus. 
Although our program will look a little different this year, we are pleased to offer some details about the enhancements that we have incorporated for the upcoming school year.
We take great pride in providing an environment that is caring and nurturing and a place where our students can feel a strong sense of belonging, and we will continue to embed Tribes and community building activities into our E-learning program design.
Our Preschool program is play based and Reggio inspired to meet the needs of the whole child.  Teachers collaborate to offer a fun, well balanced curriculum, that encourages students’ growth in physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language development to be incorporated through interactive teaching lessons through live Zoom sessions and Seesaw activities. 
We have designed a 5-day interactive virtual schedule for students. Our teachers will all be on campus delivering lessons from their classrooms where they will have the full range of resources available to them. Having the teaching staff on campus allows for a seamless collaboration between colleagues, leading to a greater array of learning opportunities for our students. 
Meeting the needs of our families is important in order to have a successful online learning experience for our students. With this consideration, the Preschool is offering morning and afternoon schedules for our students’ E-Learning Program to meet the varied needs of our parents. Additionally, we are conducting the virtual classroom instruction in small groups to provide for individualized attention.  
As the Preschool Principal, it is an honor for me to continue the rich traditions established here since the founding of BBS in 1977.  I have been involved in education for more than 2O years, both as a classroom teacher and administrator.  I feel very blessed to be working alongside such an amazing group of caring and talented educators who give their best every single day to make a difference in the lives of our students.  For me, there is nothing more meaningful than this.  
I come from the friendly state of Texas, USA. My credentials include a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education, an M.S. Degree in Educational Administration along with Educational Certificates that include:  Principal EC-12, Elementary 1-8, and Special Education PK-12. (I value open communication between home and school; As a mother of two grown daughters I know the value and importance of positive communication between home and school.)
I look forward to a wonderful, exciting school year.  Please know that you are always welcome to stop by if you have a question or a concern, as I have an open door policy.  It is our goal to offer an exceptional education that provides a strong foundation for life-long learning. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s educational journey.
Always for children,

Ms. Anna Hutchison 


Dear BBS Community,
Welcome to a new exciting year at Al Bayan Bilingual Preschool.
The Preschool program is play based and Reggio inspired. Play evokes different skills in children such as exploration, problem solving, and creativity. As a Tribes school, we also focus on character education where mutual respect, attentive listening, the right to participate and appreciation are emphasized.
Our Preschool staff works hard to guide our children through their learning journey and fulfill the Founder’s vision and the School’s mission. We all strive to bring the best educational practice to lead the development of the child’s social, emotional, language and physical skills in both Arabic and English languages.
We are ready to start this extraordinary year with virtual learning. A child’s success in school is built on mutual cooperation between home and school as well as the society. Although virtual learning represents a challenge to all of us, but we are ready and excited. Together, we can make our children’s educational experience this year, fruitful and remarkable. 
Please remember that our doors are always open. Let us work together to create the “BBS Learning Community”.
Best wishes for a successful school year! Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Fatina Khalaf
Pre-School Assistant Principal