Principals' Messages


Excitement doesn’t come close to explain how I feel about the privilege of leading learning at our Reggio Emilia inspired Nursery  on the Jabriya campus.

I am originally from the great State of Texas where I studied Elementary Education and Spanish. I have had the privilege of teaching nearly every grade level from 6th grade to Pre-Kindergarten where I eventually found my passion for Early Childhood Education. I have been in Kuwait for 6 years, two years as a KG1 teacher, one year as an Instructional Coach and three years as Deputy Principal of the Elementary School and I am beyond grateful that my journey has lead me to work in Jabriya with such an exceptional group of educators.  

Reggio Emilia is a pedagogical approach that believes that it is possible that young children can express themselves in a 100 different languages. The children use these languages to construct meaning and the teacher will be the guide in the process. It is my belief that the Reggio Emilia Approach is quite simply best practice in Early Childhood Education.

A large part of the Reggio approach teaches children about the importance of working together, showing empathy and being innovative in problem solving. It our belief that these skills go hand in hand with the TRIBES program that is being used throughout the BBS community. Our teachers take great pains in integrating TRIBES agreements into every activity. When children truly understand and internalize these agreements that is when real learning can take place.

I want to challenge you to come and see the groundbreaking work that our teachers and students are accomplishing every day. It is truly extraordinary and I am thankful to walk with them in the process of making sure that they be give your student the strongest educational foundation as well as making sure that our Nursery is the best in all of Kuwait.

Growing together,

Jessica A. Brown 

 Head of Pre-Nursery/Nursery