• High School

  • Ms. Sarah Al Wazzan

    Sarah Al-Wazzan is an Economics graduate from the Business Administration College in Kuwait University where she was a salutatorian. In university Sarah was heading the Dean’s List and initiated various projects Recycling program. Sarah has 5 years of experience in the Petroleum Industry (KPC/KPI) where she gained experience in downstream business development and the Far East petroleum market such as India, the Philippines and Vietnam. She attended many training courses in Europe.

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    Ms. Maha Saleh (Member)

    Math Teacher (Member)

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    • Middle School

    • Ms. Noha Al-Awadi (Vice President)

      With nearly two decades of work experience in both the public and private sectors in Kuwait, Noha's career in the fields of news writing and editing was most recently in the position of Senior Editor at Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). She also has extensive experience in the field of PR and social media management, providing media services and PR strategies for corporations in various fields, such as the automotive, healthcare, and investment industries. Currently, Noha is completing her M.A. in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Kuwait University, where her thesis focuses on modern Kuwaiti poetry. 

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      Ms. Suha AbuDawoud

      Computer Teacher, Middle School 

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      • Elementary School

      • Ms. Aljazi Al-Mishwat (Treasurer)

        Ms. Aljazi Al-Mishwat is Custodian Relationship Specialist at Kuwait Investment Authority; focused on asset transition management and Investment analysis. In addition, she is working in collaboration with the Ministry of finance to issue Kuwait’s debut sovereign bond and the subsequent issuances of the State of Kuwait. In the beginning of her career Ms. Aljazi worked in the United Kingdom as Real Estate analyst at La Salle Investments and in the USA as a Manufacturing/ Design Engineer at Quad technical International QTI. Ms. Aljazi holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) with a postgraduate program in finance and economics through the Kuwait Investment Authority.

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        Ms. Wafa Al Zubaidi (Member)

        Islamic Studies Teacher (Member)

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        Ms. Najwa Al Bisher (Member)

        Ms. Najwa has more than 10 years of experience in the Investment Field. Her experience involved a well-rounded one such as operational and financial restructuring, producing business plans and organizational change. Ms. Najwa worked for HSBC Bank and Global Investment House prior to her current job. She had some teaching experiences while at University. Her passion and love for teaching, children, communicating and sharing information is evident in her extracurricular activities. Ms. Najwa earned her B.S in Business Administration from the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University with High Honors. She also graduated from the Kuwait Investment Authority Graduate Development Program and is currently accepted in an Executive MBA at HEC Paris.

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        • Kindergarten

        • Mr. Sulaiman AlQenaei

          Mr. Sulaiman AlQenaei is a Political Science Researcher in the Ministry of Information - News and Political Programs Sector. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Kuwait University. His daughter is in KG.

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          Ms. Amber Safir (Member)

          Ms. Amber Safir: Classroom Teacher

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          • Nursery

          • Dr. Mai Khalaf (President)

            Dr. Mai Khalaf is a BBS alumni.  She obtained a Bachelor degree and a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Boston University. She obtained her postgraduate degree from Columbia University in New York. Dr. Mai has been working as an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry since 2010. She has been a volunteer for PTA activities in the last two years, including reading to KG students and participation in class national day activities. Over the last four years she has also organized introductory sessions about dentists using dental dummies and toys to children pre-nursery and KG. 

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            Ms. Aishah Al Saad (Member)

            Ms. Aishah Al Saad: Classroom Teacher (Member)

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