Principals' Messages

Hello, and welcome to the 2016-17 school year.

I am Zetha Nobles and this year begins my second year as the Elementary Principal at Al Bayan Bilingual School. I was born and raised in Oakland, California. I went to college at just 16 years of age and graduated  with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Xavier University. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher because I love children and I love learning, so I decided to study for a Master’s Degree in Education at Howard University in Washington D.C.. Currently,  I am working to complete my Doctorate in Education from University of California, Berkeley.

 When I reflect on over twenty years of experience in education, seven of which have been as a principal, I find that each new school year is as  exciting as the very first time I started teaching. 

There are many new things to look forward to as we begin this new school year. We have said good bye to a few teachers and we are happy to introduce several new teachers who will bring their experiences and love for children to BBS.  We are looking forward to further developing our use of  Tribes to build strong character traits in our students and watching our students grow in such areas as respect, compassion, self-discipline and responsibility.

There are a few changes to note this year.  Please be aware that morning routine will be held every day for all students, and will begin, as usual, at 7:15. I am also excited to host a Parent Coffee the first Thursday of every month for any parents who wish to attend starting Thursday, September 1st.  Another change to note is that our teachers will not be participating in  WhatsApp groups with teachers and parents. Elementary teachers will communicate through email and Skoolee. If you need to speak to a teacher, and you are having a difficult time reaching them, please check with the admin office. We are always here to serve you.

I am looking forward to a new and successful school year and working with each family to ensure the success of your children at BBS. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

With warmest regards for a great year,

Ms. Zetha Nobles Adeleke




It is my very great honor to welcome you to the 2016-2017 School Year. My name is Nada Darwiche, and I am one of the two Deputy Principals in the Elementary School. 

I am Lebanese and I’ve been working in education for more than twenty years, with eighteen of those years at Al Bayan Bilingual School. As for my educational background, I have a degree in teaching Arabic Language and Literature, and a Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership. I also worked on a Masters in Islamic Studies.  I began my educational career as an Arabic Language and Religion teacher, and was appointed to Elementary School Deputy Principal in 2007. I still feel the same passion and excitement in my career as if it were my first year in school.

Last year we kept very busy getting prepared for the Tribes program. Every member of the BBS staff underwent training in an intensive Tribes Training program. We put what we learned into practice and expect to be progressing smoothly using it this year while we train our new staff in its principles. Our hope is to create a better learning environment and to keep BBS one of the best schools in the area.

With warmest regards for a successful new school year,Regards,

Ms. Nada Anis Darwiche
Deputy Principal



When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a teacher. For the last 16 years, I have been living my dream. It has been a blessing to call Al Bayan my home for 4 of those years.

As an educator it is important to be constantly a studying. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education and Spanish. I also have a Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership.

As an educator I believe that schools need to work in partnership with families to help educate the whole child. It is important that we intentionally teach students things like respect and kindness. When we are able to create a school family, we have a connection that will ensure student success. I believe that by becoming a TRIBE’s school Al Bayan has made an important step in ensuring that teachers, parents and students make a lasting connection with each other and thus improve the overall educational experience at BBS.

I know that this year at Al Bayan is going to be phenomenal and I look forward to working with each one of our families. 


Ms. Jessica Brown
Deputy Principal