Assessments Policies

    In the admissions assessment, which become more formal as the grade level advances, the school attempts to determine if the student is developmentally ready for school, has the basic skills required to enter the grade level in question, demonstrates no significant learning difficulties and will be able to cope successfully with the heavy demands imposed by a bilingual educational program. English, Arabic, and Math admissions tests have been designed by the school to assess basic language and math skills reflecting our curriculum. The English and Arabic exams assess reading, writing and oral language skills. The Math exam assesses basic grade level mathematical skills. 
    After meeting all the basic qualifications, the Registrar will inform the parents of students applying to grades (Nursery-12) about the suitable dates and times for the interview/assessment.
    All assessment fees are non-refundable unless a cancellation is made by parents 5 business days prior to the assessment date.
    With the Principal’s approval, a maximum of one re-assessment will be allowed for a student, in which case additional fees may apply.
    Assessment decision will be made by the Principal in each division after careful review of the results of the admission’s test, recommendations made by the examining teachers, and the previous school’s academic and behavior records.  
    Grades 1-12 assessment results will normally be provided to parents three working days after the assessment. Preschool parents will be advised of admission's final results after all assessments are completed around the begining of March. This is done through the Registration Office. 
    BBS reserves the right to deny admissions to any student without stating the reasons, to maintain the confidentiality of references given by the student’s previous school, or when the school officers believe that it is in the best interest of the school or the student to do so.
    If a student is applying for admissions in a certain grade level and he/she did not pass the entrance assessment in the level which he/she applied for, BBS may offer him/her acceptance in a lower grade level depending on his/her previous records, age, and abilities observed during the school’s entrance assessment. Thus, it is the family’s decision whether to accept or deny this offer. However, the family cannot request a change in grade once they have accepted the offer.

Pre-Nursery Program 

  • Pre-Nursery children will be accepted without an official interview once all the requirements are completed. However, children at this stage will have continuous assessments throughout the school year, and will not be promoted to Nursery unless the result of the assessments reflects appropriate developmental growth. 

Preschool Interviews (Nursery, KGI, II)

  • Preschool faculty interview children in the presence of their parents and submit their recommendations to the PreSchool administration.
  • These interviews assess the development of the child’s social, emotional, speech, language, and fine motor skills (in both Arabic and English).
  • The interviews are conducted on a weekly basis during the months of February and March each year, and may continue depending on placement availability.
  • Each interview lasts 30 minutes approximately.

Elementary Assessments (Grades 1-5)

  • Students seeking entry in Elementary grades will sit for entrance tests in Arabic, English and Math. These tests will be based upon the minimum level of skills that a student would be expected to have attained in the present grade to allow them to cope with the next grade’s level at BBS. For example, a student in grade two seeking enrollment for entry to grade three at BBS will be required to sit for tests in based upon grade two skills. Students must achieve the grade level expectation in Arabic, English and Math in their grade two assessments to be considered for acceptance to grade three at BBS.
  • These tests are usually administered for a group of students 3-4 times a year (once a month in March, April, May and then in August).

Middle School Assessments (Grades 6-8)

  • Students seeking entry to Middle School will have to sit for assessments in Arabic, English and Math including an interview with the Counselor, in addition to reviewing their previous school records. A student must meet average/above average standards in all three areas in order to be considered for admissions. Assessment dates are coordinated with the school Counselor depending on the number of applicants.

High School Assessments (Grades 9-12)

  • Students seeking entry to High School will have a more rigorous assessment in Arabic, English and Math and an interview with the Principal/Guidance Counselor, in addition to having their previous school records reviewed. A student must meet average/above average standards in all three areas in order to be considered for admissions.
  • The Guidance Counselor will meet with the new students and their parents before completing the admissions process to select the courses which the student has to study in order to complete the requirements for the BBS High School diploma. Credits from a previous accredited school are simply attached to the current BBS transcript but they are not transferred. Minimum graduation requirements must be met during the time the student is at BBS. New students are not encouraged to apply for 12th grade admissions to BBS High School.
  • These tests are usually administered for a group of students 3-4 times per year (once a month in March, April, May and then in August) and lasts for approximately three hours.