School Mission

"Al-Bayan Bilingual School is an Arabic and English learning community nurturing compassionate and innovative students, leading sustainable change and progress in Kuwait and the global environment."

The School Philosophy

We believe that we are educating students for the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. We agree that technological, social, and economic trends indicate that, more than ever, success and an enriched life will depend upon:

  • The mastery of communication skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • The development of problem-solving skills, technological capabilities, critical thinking, and analytic abilities needed to deal with an increasingly complex world.
  • The cultivation of an international and multi-cultural perspective and skills that will enable one to take advantage of professional opportunities in the international sphere.
  • An understanding of the historic, economic, geographic, and environmental forces that have shaped the modern world and the ability to use this knowledge to better comprehend the present and anticipate the future.
  • The ability to work with others as part of a team and to experience leadership effectively and appropriately.
  • The capability for personal autonomy and motivation for a life of continuous learning.
  • Strong self-confidence, resourcefulness, self-esteem, and assertiveness.
  • An appreciation of the essential ingredients for sound physical and emotional health, and the capability to utilize the resources available to realize these values and to deal with the stresses of an active life.
  • A well-defined code of ethics, values, and standards that are not dependent upon a controlled environment.
  • Effective development and instruction in the fine arts; health, recreation, and physical development; leadership and team play; aesthetic awareness; ethics; and psychological growth.

School Objectives

BBS students will:

  • Acquire the learning skills needed to pursue knowledge and higher education independently.
  • Learn to seek information from various sources in order to reach conclusions through sound, objective reasoning.
  • Adopt a scientific attitude to learning which adheres to high ethical standards and respect for other people's ideas and beliefs.
  • Acquire problem-solving skills.
  • Attain recognized standards of knowledge of their subjects, but also realize that learning is a continuous process.
  • Develop a positive self-concept so that they may explore their individual creative abilities.
  • Appreciate the value of time and learn how to manage it productively.
  • Develop an active concern for the preservation and improvement of the environment.
  • Learn how to manage their health and well being via a life-long physical fitness program.
  • Appreciate the fine arts universally.
  • Be responsible and committed citizens in their communities.
  • Acquire, understand, and respect Islamic teachings, traditions, and culture.
  • Understand and appreciate the culture and traditions of Kuwait, the Arab region, and the world.